Half Snake Half Rat.

please turn me into the snat - 2010
self released
Welcome to the world of Connan Mockasin- watch "It's Choade My dear" and get sucked in. So far Connan Mockasin hasn't listed any US tour dates. Stay updated with his myspace after you do yourself a favor and DL this album.


Shhh I'm Dreaming.

I'm not going to look for you in my room anymore.

Voxtrot Talk Break Up.



Meet the 'stalwart band' covering Prince's "Kiss" in some backyard. 1986. Yep.


Just Sayin'

Helium in her voice and in her chest? Here is bubbly, spastic, and self-deprecatingly funny Jennifer Tilly.


Swimming Fool.

Minks // Funeral Song from Wooden Lens on Vimeo.

Uhhh here is a fan video for funeral song by Brooklyn's MINKS. The 7' is out now on Capture Tracks- this shit makes me so happy!

download track, myspace


Teenage Shutdown.

That's Jean Seberg. The clips of her with short hair are from 1959's "Breathless", the other clips come from 1964's "Lilith". The two short color clips feature Marina Yaru from the Toby Dammit segment of 1968's "Spirits of the Dead" The song in this vid: "Have You Seen My Baby" by The Kare Takers.



Ready Steady Go.

The Orchids were a 1960's Girl Group from Coventry. This is their first single from 1963 performed on 'Ready Steady Go!' with resident dancers Theresa Confrey and Patrick Kerr demonstrating the Hitch Hike.


Bad Girls.

las robertas from mariella del risco on Vimeo.

Get into the summer mood and watch this video. For track by track downloads click here.


Hippie Johnny?

He is so simplistic- no need to read 300 paged thick supposedly interesting books, Jonathan Richman tells the same in less than 5 minutes. So off rhythm or made up on the spot and thats really what I like most about Jonathan Richman. Also his silliness.


Background Noise.

I remember watching buffalo '66 and hearing that yes song 'heart of the sunrise' that shit was the shit- my sister showed me that movie... thanks sis