Ghost World Soundtrack

I love this movie. It fills me with ennui and motivates me to reject all forms of motivation and do absolutely nothing. It has a baller soundtrack too.

I was having a drunken conversation with my friend last night about how awesome if Ghost World were mashed up with Wayne's World. It would pretty much be my life.

Bangers & Ballads

Budget home recordings.


My Personal Favorite EPs of 2010

Next set of favs is my top 10 EPs of 2010. Once again in alphabetical order.
These stuck out to me as being my go-to EPs because they were jammed packed with catchy tunes. 
These EPs got me going and I kept coming back to them. Enjoy!

S/T II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT

Akron/Family reinventing themselves.
Not the A/F you thought you knew.

1/6 // 2/6 // 3/6
The 'Akron/Family' link above is the actual album. 
I will keep updating as I find new versions.. read up here.


john maus me.

Good riddance your comfortable bastards i have moved on


The Witch - Introduction.

if you're music is getting stale and you need something fresh- i recommend downloading introduction by the witch.

track #1

they're going to talk about the mustache.



It is xmas eve so I am gunna be lazy and post ODDSAC. This belongs on the best of 2010 list.
It is hard to find mp3s of this movie that divide the music into the 13 tracks and are actually labeled.


My Personal Favorite LPs of 2010

Below are my top 25 favorite long-players of this year.. in alphabetical order.
I don't like ranking albums against each other, they each deserve their own spotlight.
I picked each of these based on which ones I enjoyed the most and gave me a fresh outlook. 

Stay tuned for the EP and SPLIT/7" lists.















Puerto Rico Flowers - 4 12" & 2 7"


Puerto Rico Flowers is John Sharkey III from Clockcleaner's most recent musical outlet. I really hate describing music. Sloweddownbummedoutbassdrumandsynthdeepvocals blah blah blah. Super Highly recommend.

Skywave - Synthstatic


Fredericksburg, Virginia's shoegaze superstars. Two of the guys from Skywave went on to form Ceremony, and no, not the B9 band Ceremony.


Gang Gang

 Brian Degraw + Josh Diamond 
+ Lizzi Bougatsos + Tim Dewitt
Gang Gang Dance: S/T LP

Gang Gang Dance: Revival of the Shittest [2003]

  Lizzi + Sadie Laska (of Growing)
I.U.D.: The Proper Sex [2009]
The Social Registry // DL

I.U.D.: Dead Womb 7" [2007]
The Social Registry // DL

Brian Degraw: Sonic The Warhol [?]
Brown Sounds // DL

Brian + Harmony Korine (writer/director)
SSAB Songs: Untitled [1999]
Omplatten // DL