King Khan & BBQ Show: Invisible Girl

Keep getting 'Spin the Bottle' stuck in my head lately. 
I have always liked KK & the Shines a little more than 
KK & BBQ Show, but this album is extremely catchy.

Who the hell ordered pizza?

Recommended: $ULTAN

Broadcast Tender Buttons Mediafire.

warp records

This album is really dense. I recommend it if you enjoy harsh undertones or wooden roller coaster sounds. The video above is a hint of what you'll find on this lovely album. 

To Anyone Who Sent Me An Email In The Past Few Months.

Sorry for neglecting all of you and your emails for the past few months.. A lot of bands sent me messages asking me to post links to their music and others sent emails with concerns of where the blog was headed. Sorry my internet was down and I started a new job. I almost deleted the blog before seeking out new authors but decided that wasn't necessary. I knew I would have to disappear for a few months I just didn't want to leave all you guys hanging so thats why I asked all the readers 'if anyone would be interested contributing?' So many thanks to emma and lead for all the help. you can catch them on the blog roll if you enjoyed their posts. 


Benoît Pioulard: Valley

I play his Valley cassette for my baby girl 
when we take car rides.


Avant/Noise/Experimental show at Airplane Hanger 4/22/2011

No SILENCE NO SLEEP was a celebratory North Texas noise & art happening that brought together some of Texas' most obscure sound artists and allowed them to freely perform their beautifully absurd sound gestures. Housed inside the warehouse on leer & Corinth, the event included over 30 noise artists, interactive mechanical/ robotic installations, visual installations, interactive sound installations, (harsh) wall art (heh) ...and too much other weird shit to describe. It really came together better than we thought it would. So many cancellations and rearrangements, so many last minute additions. So little sleep.



The Hanger

11653 Airway BLVD

Roanoke, TX



Hayward + Coxon + 
Thomas + Taylor = About Group
About Group: Start and Complete [2011]
Domino // DL 



I felt like making a mix. I got my wisdom teeth out and spent a couple days on a heavy dosage of narcotics--this is what I listened to. So yeah, this mix is good for staring at the ceiling, for downers > uppers, for when it's rainy outside, and for when you're the last one awake.

Don't freak out about the Homostupids track, it won't hurt you (it's slow).

1) Last One Awake (Friend Version): Memory Cassette 
2) Sparkler: Jeans Wilder
3) Wearing Sammy: Homostupids 
4) Moon Song: My Bloody Valentine
5) Down in A Mirror: Jandek 
6) Beach Bummed: Weed Hounds 
7) The Single: Alpha Couple 
8) Sea Talk: Zola Jesus 
9) Ungirthed: Purity Ring 
10) Captin: Scary Mansion
11) When Your Lonely Heart Breaks (Neil Young Cover): Puerto Rico Flowers


Jeans Wilder: "Sparkler"


i'm depressed- make me a mix.


Don't Get Cute: Kurt Vile


Don't get cut you crazy little slut--turning all the tricks on a 12 block radius.

I wrote this post and now witches be bitches because they is pissed. HA

Haters gonna hate haters gonna hate haters gonna hate


Milk Music

Wonderful post-punk/grunge out of Olympia, WA. 

Also, check out my post where I divulge all the secrets of witch house. I think I might be pissing a lot of people off, but I don't care. 


Songs About Fucking

Drunk blogging--gotta luv. So one thing I'm known for is my sex mixes...because they're awesome. So I decided to create the ultimate one and post it here because I felt like making a mix. This one has everything, so turn it on and get down fuckers.

let's get it on 

Also here's the tracklist after I reuploaded it to make the tracks in a certain order because I'm OCD like that. 

1) Intro: Crazy Spirit
2) Let's Make Friends: Puerto Rico Flowers
3) Sweet Love For Planet Earth: Fuck Buttons
4) Mumbai: oOoOO 
5) Mild Confusion: Tamaryn
6) For All We Know: Designer Drugs
7) Not in Love ft. Robert Smith: Crystal Castles
8) Black Milk: Massive Attack 
9) Lullaby: The Cure
10) Sweatmother: TOBACCO
11) Rats Live on Evil Star: Ringo Deathstarr
12) Do You In: The December Sound
13) Goth Queen of the Prom: Porn Antler
14) Exorcism of the Hippies: Mater Suspiria Vision
15) My Weakness: A Place to Bury Strangers
16) Sometimes: My Bloody Valentine


February Mix

1. Skullflower - Great hunter
2. Celtic Frost - Into The Crypt Of Rays
3. Whorl - Maybe It's Better
4. Lee Hazlewood - Rainbow Woman
5. The Feelies - It's Only Life
6. Skrewdriver - Unbelievable
7. Lip Cream - Bloodsucking To Death
8. Sick Pleasure - I Don't Play Pretty Music
9. NON - A Taste Of Blood
10. Coil - Ostia
11. Stiff Little Fingers - Wasted Life
12. Youth Of Today - Take A Stand
13. Public Image Limited - Public Image
14. Velvet Underground - All Tomorrows Parties
15. Current 93 - The Blood Bells Chime
16. Death In June - Frost Flowers
17. Telescopes - The Perfect Needle
18. Crucifucks - Cops For Fertilizer
19. Adolescents - No Way
20. Crisis - Afraid
21. Moss Icon - Kick The Can
22. The Wake - Pale Spectre
23. Blitz - New Age
24. Cro-Mags - Malfunction
25. The Germs - No God
26. Sonic Youth - Shadow Of A Doubt
27. No Trend - Too Many Humans
28. Born Against - Well Fed Fuck


 Posted this on Suffocation last night and figured I would post it here as well(but seriously guys, I'll love you for eternity if you follow me). Read it before Pitchfork gets its grubby paws on the PRF releases.

The new Puerto Rico Flowers single "3 Sisters", which came out on Valentine's Day is a taste of the full-length PRF album, 7, which will be released on Fan Death Records in May. Puerto Rico Flowers is ex-Clockcleaner vocalist and guitarist John Sharkey III. The Last.fm page describes PRF's sound as "not unlike a skinhead crying." And indeed, PRF is a tranquil, wizened meditation on youth, love, and sexuality. Sharkey's unique sound is the product of synthesizers, drums, and bass--and his voice takes center stage. Anyone who knows Clockcleaner will understand the the extent to which PRF is pared down--and Sharkey's ability to craft such a multifaceted sound with so few tools is a testament to his talent as a musician.

Sharkey has described the upcoming album as "a record for women", which seemed a tad bit comic when I first heard it. However, what this entails is a complex question--and upon listening to his releases so far, and the aforementioned "3 Sisters", the description is actually quite apt. The genius of Puerto Rico Flowers is the seamless marriage of an aloof, post-punk sound reminiscent of Ian Curtis or Michael Gira, with a warm, sentimental, crooner style. The track "Let's Make Friends", off PRF's 12" 4, is a dark, unsettling anthem--a story of darkness and desperate, human physicality. The synthesizer we know as a hallmark of more synthpop outfits like New Order or Depeche Mode suddenly morphs into something astoundingly dark and perhaps sinister. "Voice of Love" off the 12" 2, is a sweeping lamentation, carried effortlessly by an unwavering drumline, as if marching towards the end of the universe. Whereas "Let's Make Friends" is a story of lust and illicit sensuality--"Voice of Love" is an allegory of aging, and the passing of time. The philosophical "Voice of Love" seems like the natural predecessor to "Let's Make Friends." The two songs tell a story, of the emotional and the physical, the sacred and the profane.

"3 Sisters" begins with a strong drumline typical of Sharkey's PRF compositions, fatalistic and unfaltering. "3 Sisters" takes the omniscient narrative voice of "Let's Make Friends" and weaves a complex story, descending deep into the murky realm of familial relationships, and the juxtaposition of humanity in the line It's only human for you to break down your eyes and inhumanity, You were not mine, it's so inhuman, but that's how it goes, yes that's how it goes. The lyrics of "3 Sisters" are perhaps Sharkey's best, and unlike the removed style of "Voice of Love", the vocals in "3 Sisters" are grittier and delve deeper into questions of human nature.

Puerto Rico Flowers is often described as "goth-rock," which, though fairly accurate in capturing the nihilistic elements of Sharkey's sound--glosses over the warmth and sentimentality subtly contained within his compositions, and does not take into account the context of PRF's existence. Puerto Rico Flowers is, in a sense, a meditation on transition, transformation, and the evolution of sound as an expression of changes in one's personal life. Whereas Clockcleaner was known for their boundary-pushing antics onstage and their provocative lyrics (covering topics from sleazy sex to daddy issues), Puerto Rico Flowers has a coolness and maturity..."post-punk" in the most literal sense. The change in sound from Clockcleaner to PRF is mirrored by changes in Sharkey's personal life--the birth of his son and settling down in Philadelphia. Sharkey has stated that Puerto Rico Flowers is his last release before he retires from the world of music. And this sense of completion is intrinsic to PRF's sound, a bittersweet concoction of regrets and aspirations, and a solemn but enchanting farewell.

The live performance of "3 Sisters" features Michael Berdan (formerly of Drunkdriver) playing the synthesizer and Michael Sneeringer on drums.

4 (12") Fan Death Records (2010)
2 (7") Fan Death Records (2010)
The upcoming full length album "7" will be released on Fan Death Records in May, 2011.