Born Under The Sun

Ryan Garbes - Born Under The Sun
Bought his S/T a couple weeks ago, 
can't find digital, but got it analog. 
'Born Under the Sun' kills it. 
Anything you find by him is far out. 
Like out there.

Powhatans Corpse.

free album for free. 

World Series- episodes of el nino cassette.

Three post ago I shared a linked to World Series- Episodes Of EL Nino. I've been listening to it on bandcamp for the last couple of days. I actually almost bought the digital version but hate buying digital music so I didn't. Well I'm glad I waited cause it was released on cassette. There are only 100 tapes. Click here to buy. I just ordered mine. It was only $8.50





World Series- Episodes of el nino.

stream this while you're at work AA


Talking Tvs.


Wet Hair- In Vogue Spirit. Mediafire.


Celebrity Sex Tapez.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret, two little gems, I was lucky enough to come across. Celebrity Sex Tapez are responsible for the two. 

Ether Allen Trio 
psychedelic pro rock 

NFL neon fluorescent lights

An improvised tape manipulation recording by Nick Cabrera & Josh Vance.

This adventure started with an initial dive by Mr. Vance into the dumpster of a local Half-Priced books. The next step was to decide which tapes to use, if not all of them. At any rate, there wasn't much discussion before two tape decks and a radio were hooked up to a mixer, the button "PLAY" was depressed and flickering images of black and white movies start kaleidoscoping into a colorful and wacked out juxtaposition of mutated genres. Incidentally, some of the originial music which was cut-up for this production included 70s & 80s Soul, Rock & Roll, African and Irish folk music and scrambled radio transmission. The originial medium I decided to release this monstrosity as, of course,was and is still a 30 minute cassette. I encourage you to download this if you are a fan of incidental, sample based, magnetic tape manipulation, noise, and/ or "chopped and screwed" characteristics of music...you may find this download an interesting and quite possibly pleasant listening experience.  Artwork by Evita Cortez.


Stephan Molyneux- Cambodian Field Recordings. Mediafire.

This time last year Stephen Molyneux (Gigantic Blonde BoyHorsehair EverywherePoet Named Revolver) was living in Thailand. Riding around on motorbikes, running through the jungle, playing noise shows at Bangkok art spaces, going on visa-renewing border-crossing adventures, all while the Red Shirts were stirring up more and more intense political unrest. On one of his excursions through Battambang & Siem Reap provinces in Cambodia, Molyneux made these field recordings on cassette. Expect “distant ancient rites of dawn, village sounds recorded from bicycle baskets, ensemble street performances,and wedding party music echoing through the ballroom of an abandoned mansion”.

-taken from no kings record co.

I got so disappointed when I clicked on the no kings releases to find out that c24 was sold out. At least I have the digital copy but I would love to own the physical copy.  


Baby Cakes.


{. _ .}

Wonder Wheel Speakeasy.

I recently posted a streamable track called 'WONDER WHEEL - Imperial Highway (Golden Black).' Well if you want you can DL an alternate version of that song plus 8 new tracks from Paul A. Rosales' wonder wheel 24 which is better known as 'speakeasy.' Hah I wonder why he chose that.. maybe some after hour drinking? The track titles are just as intriguing as the album name. I think this new release is for the ones who like a catchy chorus after an abyss of deep sometimes dark-catastrophic songs. 

1. you me make dumb
2. golden highway known as imperial highway, at least to me it is.
3. party in the bathroom awesome song worth dling for just this track
4. the service automatic 
5. bomb
6. revolution 
7. go west
8. my favorite kind
9. get that girl away