Dum Dum Girls covers The Smiths

Not a huge fan of DDG normally, but this is quite catchy and makes me feel a tad bitter better about getting assfucked by midterms.


Light It and Peak

 Aaron Coyes
Face Plant: Get High and Listen [2009]

Aaron Coyes + Nate Archer + Indra Dunis
Rahdunes: Drink and Drive or Smoke and Fly [2009]

 Rahdunes/Expo '70 Split: Untitled [2008]

Anyone got any more of this shit.. hook it up.


Tennis: Cape Dory


This is Tennis' album Cape Dory (2011). Tennis has a delicate sound, but the gorgeous vocals are grounded with consistently solid drum lines. This isn't a forgettable album, Cape Dory is going to stick around. Beautiful, breezy vintage pop with a dreamy lo-fi edge (pretty and girly things aren't allowed over here ).This makes me want to sail boats and live my life in a Newport Pleasure ad.

would you like tots with that shake?

[not actual album art work]

zack claxton
self released 

zack works at the sonic i go to. i always order the grill chz with tots and a float or ocean water. he always gives me extra peppermints and napkins. he hooks it up! he threw this CDR through my window and skated off to the next car. he doesnt have a last.fm bandcamp or any social skills at that matter but DL this little tasty treat. 


Chelsea Wolfe

Dark, atmospheric lo-fi a la Teengirl Fantasy, Zola, Soap&Skin. LP Released on Pendu Sound Recordings, 2010. Good Stuff.

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Bruce Haack- Electric Lucifer 1970 Medafire.

Bruce Haack (May 4, 1931–September 26, 1988) was a musician and composer, and is considered a pioneer within the realm of electronic music. He was born in Alberta, Canada. I highly recommend checking this out. 



Dirty Beaches

 Alex Zhang Hungtai

Chess Music EP [2007]
Self // DL

 Bird EP [2008]

 Seaside EP [2008]

Horror [2008]

Dirty Beaches [2009]

Night City [2010]

Golden Desert Sun 7" [2010]

U.S. Girls/Dirty Beaches
Split 7" [2010]

Omon Ra II/Dirty Beaches
Split [2010]

 Omon Ra
The Spirit of Jerry Garcia Playing The Rolling Stones [2009]
self // DL

BL§§D ØU†: 3MPIR3 §†Å†3

I saw Blissed Out play at S!CK Santos Party House last month and it was awesome. The fact that their graphics were anime porn made me love them even more. This is their new album off AMDISCS Future Reserves, called 3MPIR3 §†Å†3 (translation: Empire State, for all you idiots who don't speak witch house.) They credit Gang Gang Dance as a major influence--and it suffices to say that if you're into witch house, you better download this if you wanna b kewl.

This is a picture that came up when I searched Blissed Out. From left: Sasha Winn (Blissed Out), Travis Egedy (Pictureplane), and Alex Winter (Blissed Out.) Love it. 

blixxed the fuck out(Empire State)

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Head of Limbs


Geneva Jacuzzi- Kooze Control Mediafire.

geneva jacuzzi is the master of disguise. she’s got clothes on her bed and can paint zombie sharks. its all about that love caboose. get loose and listen to kooze control. is she john maus' sister? hmm maybe. 



You're a woman, I'm a machine.

Here's an old favorite, Death From Above 1979. They released one full album, You're A Woman, I'm A Machine in 2005 and proceeded to have a massive bloody feud and split, never to reunite....or so we thought. But friends, DFA is back, and playing at Coachella (which I'm going to.) The day I heard this I pretty much wept tears of joy. 

Here's the aforementioned first album (there are half a billion remixes of these songs as well.) Let's hope another one comes along soon. 


Optimus Maxiumus

Chicago electronic duo Gatekeeper packs a fucking punch. They take witch house, but make it a little less gay gives it some balls (hey I love witch house, but I also love making fun of it.) It's a melange of traditional electronic sounds--a little bit detroit electronic, a little bit Autechre, disco and dubstep. Last.fm describes it as "skull disco." I'll take it. 


Cold Cave

lp lyrics booklet inside
I'm sure most of you interested in Cold Cave have already heard this track, since it's been circulating around the internet a bunch. If not, enojoy.
The Great Pan Is Dead


Von Haze

Saw this duo at Santo's Party House in NYC last night. Actually, I prefer them live--they're fuckin loud as hell and the distortion doesn't carry over onto this EP from 2010. However, it's solid in it's own right and totally worth downloading even if you don't think you like VH. 


I'm giving you a gift trust me and DL this gem. This is from the mystery man of soul, Lee Moses.