Betty Page.

SCI-FI Betty

Little Kid.

self titled- 2009
self released

A sunny trip to the train station on an alcoholic evening, thats where this will take you. Little Kid released this digital 7" for free back in November of '09.



Newly available from our friends at African Apparel, A Tribute to Joy Division’s most famous record and tossing off in the morning by Christopher Wright.

Buy it here


Summer Daze.

Backyard MIX- 2010

Omon Ra II- Talking Asshole
Electrelane- On Parade
Megapuss- Crop Circle Jerk '94
The Standels- Let's Go
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti- Every Night I Die At Miyagis
Pens- Love Rules
Blue Oyster Cult- (Don't Fear) The Reaper
Lester Brown- When I'm With You (Best Coast Remix)
WIld Nothing- Live In Dreams
Duane Almond- Spring Roll
The Samps- WizardSleeve

**click on the band name link to download the full album the track is on- with the exception of Pens and The Samps their links will lead you to songs the band released for free... but don't worry everything else is in full.


Wavves - King Of The Beach Mediafire

King Of The Beach- 2010
fat possum records
link removed upon request
sorry, but as the age old saying goes, "the early bird gets the worm."

Nathan Williams proves himself wrong with this album- he aint no slacker anymore but he still feels stupid. King of the beach definitely shows hard work and heart. Some songs on this album seem to be about his thoughts on the bad press or attention he got that night at Primavera. I wasn't there but I've seen just about every video and read about the incident [if you even want to call it that] and I think its just part of being in a punk rock band- we still love you. Other songs remind me of The Beach Boys cause he's got snaps and watery vocals. Anyways it sucks that the release date is in August cause this is what summer sounds like. I'll definitely buy this record, its awkward.


skaterdater from zgg on Vimeo.


Lester Brown.

islomania- 2010
self released

shoe gaze, hawaiian, surf

Kayne West.






This Blows.


Charles Mason.

lie- 1967
ESP- Disk

The cover is a copy of the December 19, 1969 Time Life front cover, on which Manson had appeared, only with "LIFE" substituted with "LIE."


Shimmery Stars.

self released
01. east van girls
02. I'm Gonna Try
03. Did I loose You?
04. sebians
05. Let It be Me.

These songs are short but sweet and will have you stuck in repeat.


Song That Gets A Restraining Order.

17 year old teenager had obsessive feelings towards his girlfriend, so he wrote a song about it, and earned a restraining order for it. Read the full story by clicking the link and/or stream song with link below.


Ben Meyers.

No- this isn't a nike commercial.


Good Smilers.

My ex wife worked for a newspaper in the mid 80's and interviewed Tiny. She said he was very gentle, kind, and strange. My parents got so upset over his death.


It's Friday.

Did you fuck her, did you fuck her, did you fuck her, did you?

Worst joint in Stoner history.

Peace n Piece. So artsy!

There must be PCP in that weed. "I didn't know you liked to get wet!?!"

Girls gone high.

High ass of '06.

Jah man! Got to love de ganja!

How to roll a joint.

I like her.

Tits n Weed.

Teen mom.

1 4 u 1 4 me... pick one.

Hi Grandma!