Wavves - King Of The Beach Mediafire

King Of The Beach- 2010
fat possum records
link removed upon request
sorry, but as the age old saying goes, "the early bird gets the worm."

Nathan Williams proves himself wrong with this album- he aint no slacker anymore but he still feels stupid. King of the beach definitely shows hard work and heart. Some songs on this album seem to be about his thoughts on the bad press or attention he got that night at Primavera. I wasn't there but I've seen just about every video and read about the incident [if you even want to call it that] and I think its just part of being in a punk rock band- we still love you. Other songs remind me of The Beach Boys cause he's got snaps and watery vocals. Anyways it sucks that the release date is in August cause this is what summer sounds like. I'll definitely buy this record, its awkward.

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