Faux Fur - Faux Fur 2013 RAR

sometimes im so fucking bored- but hey this is some really great stuff. i hear a little bit of cursive in the intertwinement of the duo guitars. this however has more speed like pavement but is more up to date like the new greats: Mac Demarco, Alex Calder and all those other captured tracks heroines. i think you could enjoy this anytime of the day. 



!997-99 are my favorite years for music- when you don't need to give a fuck anymore about whatever the fuck you might just need some hip hop. these are those demos that will make you not give a shit for a couple a weeks. 


Temple Goer – Petrified Forest National Park (2013)

vvvvery lo- fi experimental.. high fives and bike rides. It's a little wet and warped. Mineral minimal. 'A Room On Calender Road sucked me in' I hope you enjoy.