Wonder Wheel Speakeasy.

I recently posted a streamable track called 'WONDER WHEEL - Imperial Highway (Golden Black).' Well if you want you can DL an alternate version of that song plus 8 new tracks from Paul A. Rosales' wonder wheel 24 which is better known as 'speakeasy.' Hah I wonder why he chose that.. maybe some after hour drinking? The track titles are just as intriguing as the album name. I think this new release is for the ones who like a catchy chorus after an abyss of deep sometimes dark-catastrophic songs. 

1. you me make dumb
2. golden highway known as imperial highway, at least to me it is.
3. party in the bathroom awesome song worth dling for just this track
4. the service automatic 
5. bomb
6. revolution 
7. go west
8. my favorite kind
9. get that girl away

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