I felt like making a mix. I got my wisdom teeth out and spent a couple days on a heavy dosage of narcotics--this is what I listened to. So yeah, this mix is good for staring at the ceiling, for downers > uppers, for when it's rainy outside, and for when you're the last one awake.

Don't freak out about the Homostupids track, it won't hurt you (it's slow).

1) Last One Awake (Friend Version): Memory Cassette 
2) Sparkler: Jeans Wilder
3) Wearing Sammy: Homostupids 
4) Moon Song: My Bloody Valentine
5) Down in A Mirror: Jandek 
6) Beach Bummed: Weed Hounds 
7) The Single: Alpha Couple 
8) Sea Talk: Zola Jesus 
9) Ungirthed: Purity Ring 
10) Captin: Scary Mansion
11) When Your Lonely Heart Breaks (Neil Young Cover): Puerto Rico Flowers

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