No Dope.

You've Come A Long Way Baby (Lyrics by Bobby Conn)

High school sleep over under my bed
And when the conversation stops you offer head
But I only tease you, I don't know how
So you took Jimmy in the ass, I'm so confused
You've come a long way, baby, you've come along
You've come a long, long, long way down
You're father's a hero, he's doing time
He held the knife up to your throat when you were three
You're mother's a beauty at thirty-nine
She took me downstairs for some dope and blew my mind
You've come a long way now, baby
Skin popping heroin under your desk
In New York City you lived in the closet and I wore the dress
In San Francisco you got my luggage but I got your gun
Back in Chicago that was the last time we had any fun
Are you still alive?

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