Witch Witch.

Witch Havs Mixed Tape

1 Goth Time Rag by Bipolar Bear
2 Ages Ago by Blank Dogs
3 Vultures Of The Horn 2 by Ga’an
4 Making The Nature Scene by Knit Witch
5 Desert Cathedral by Metallic Falcons
6 Orlando In Bayonne by The Skein
7 Shadows in the Halls by Terror Bird
8 Sink The Dynasty by Zola Jesus
9 ghosts by CANT
10 This Is How We See In The Dark (First Version) by City Center
11 Taste of being by Clapsclap
12 Flower Reading by Cough Cool
13 OuOp by De Babz
14 I’m a Mess When You Are Gone by Dead Gaze
15 Treeofdead by Extacy
16 Slow Walk by Gatekeeper
17 go away dreadful creature by irene moon
18 In Your Eyes by Modern Witch
19 Mumbai by OoOOO
20 In This Haunted Winter Syrup by Peaking Lights
21 Wolf Cub Or Witch Hunt by Pink Priest
22 Dead Rocks by The Procedure Club
23 Holographic Landscape by S U R V I V E
24 Skullcrush by Salem
25 wandering soul by screen gems
26 Rot With Me. by Spectrals
27 1963 (Rough) by TEARIST
28 Sooner or Later by Von Haze
29 Highspeed Drift by Gary War
30 Ashes Is White by Pocahaunted
31 Crash Scene by Apartment Play
32 When I’m Dead by Girls Of The Gravitron
33 I’m Feeling Outta Control by Haunted Fucking
34 Winnie Cooper’s Bones by Winter Drones
35 Rabbit Moon by Child Bride
36 Part VI by The Skaters
37 Black Country (Demo) by Tonstartssbandht
38 the mess by blood stereo

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