But It Taste Like Autumn, Mommy.

but it taste like autumn, mommy is a chilly cigarette. 
enjoy it by clicking art house

spotted @ stale toast

track list

andy b - alaska
cass mccombs - equinox
connan mockasin - megumi and the milky way
cloud cult - washed your car
mum - now there's that fear again
by the end of tonight - tigers
deerhunter - memory boy
sam amidon - sugar baby
honeymoon - dropped tulips
chad vangaalen - stuffed animal
john maus - times is weird
little kid - kneelers
mount eerie - you swan go on
new order - leave me alone
nick drake - been smoking too long
no age - things i did when i was dead
shimmering stars - i'm gonna try
zebrateeth - SAD

a fall themed playlist made by the nicest guy i know. he is the type of guy to give you his last four track tape. he is also known for throwing cigarettes in your mouth while you're in mid sentence and politely says, 'come on buddy lets smoke.' go lurk his blog.

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