Lantern Tour Help.

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Lantern Has Just Launched a Kick-starter Campaign

Hello all!

I hope the summer is finding you well. It's been hot here in Philly. Anyways as some of you may know my band Lantern is planning a five week tour this fall all across the United States and up to Canada. We have been working on it since the spring time and things are starting to come together. We feel really proud about Lantern and we really want to take the show on the road. We have been working our asses off this past year to get the gears oiled for a tour. We are taking the big step and jumping in with both feet.

But since we are such a young band and aren't able to be working with guarantees or contracts, what we make is what we make. So this is a little scary so we are asking your help in helping us get from place to place!

Your monies will go to...

GAS, a AAA membership, vehicle and music equipment maintenance, and any necessary lodging expenses. We recently purchased a station-wagon that needs a few minor repairs before leaving. Any contributions help and are sincerely and most fully appreciated!

Watch our video here to see what it is all about!


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