You make my heart sing.

If you like Ryan more than I do, 
point me in the direction of 
an exterminator release or any tape on GEL
Pretty please.


  1. Ryan has probably been my hands down favorite for the last few years. He posted Exterminator 9 on his website a number of months back: http://www.ryangarbes.com/images/exterminatorinhouse.mp3

    That's a shame that Dunebuggy's "Mirage Mahal" isn't available on Gel anymore. I had purchased it awhile ago and didn't expect anyone else to be familiar with it/care about it at all. I wish more than anything for a new Dunebuggy EP to be released!

  2. Thanks Al, I grabbed that Exterminator track before realizing that he had the other 8 on his blogspot, but they are all DL errors.

    Love that artwork for Mirage Mahal.. is it printed on transparent paper?

    Bought his new ST release on NNA and really enjoying working my way back through his catalog.

  3. The Mirage Mahal artwork is actually printed on a plastic insert, it's awesome. I too purchased the NNA tape from last Fall and thoroughly enjoyed it, unsurprisingly.

    I have a bunch of RG's catalog on MP3, so let me know if you're looking for something in particular.

    Lastly, your blog is rad, I check it regularly. Please keep up the great work!

  4. I thought the art was directly on the plastic from the look of it. I am always looking for different ways to package releases, but still keep it simple. Do you have any Shit Education or any of his older Exterminator material?

    Thanks for the feedback on the blog, my buddy Thom runs it and I def have to give him credit for the fame.