Project Pat.

Hey everyone!

As many of you know, our little baby dude Pat has been very sick for the last few years. If you know Pat, you know he is the sweetest baby on earth and it really hurts to see him in pain. If you don't know Pat, let us give you a little bit of a back story!

Patrick Flair-Manning was born only a few years ago from the womb of Momma Ruby Flair-Manning. As the story is told, Jeremy woke up to many a kittens being born right next to him. Patrick, being the runt of the litter, was first found hiding under Jeremy's belly. Since birth Patrick has had many allergies and acne (which Jeremy calls PatNE) and for awhile these issues seemed under control. In the last year and a half Pat has started to take a turn for the worse. Patrick has developed allergies to most food and with certain things he encounters daily. Because of the irritation this causes he has developed an OCD of licking and scratching, at one point almost completely licking himself bald. 

Jeremy and I have tried many different kinds of steroids, antibiotics, foods, mood stabilizers & allergy medications, none of which have helped Pat find relief. One of our last options is to take Patrick to a dermatologist to get blood work and once and for all figure out a healthy living solution for Pat. This is insanely expensive and all of the money will need to be paid for up front. The initial cost for the first visit will be $706, this is not including any medication they will offer, any tests that we have not discussed or future visits. 

Jeremy and I are both working class individuals who fit in with most 20 somethings in having very little income leftover for health emergencies. Even with our scarce savings we will still be very very short, especially if we need to continue visiting this dermatologist! We really need your help in securing a healthy future for our baby Pat! We are not asking for much, a few dollars from all of you would really help! Think of this as Pat's holigay gifts for many years to come! 

There is an immediacy to this problem as Pat will need to come off his current medications today and we will need to take him into the dermatologist next Saturday, December 17th.

We have set up a Paypal donation button below which will help fund Pat's recovery! If you can share this page with friends and family (and foes) we would really appreciate all of your help and love and support! Please send unicorn and glitter vibes to our little dude and wish for his health! 



  1. Good luck. I can't believe nobody responded to this. I hope Pat finds relief. I once had a blind and deaf cat that would also lick the fur off itself. Sad days.

  2. I hope Pat finds relief too.
    How is he?