Unitled Mix I - January 2011

Picture 2
Here are a bunch of songs I've been really into recently.

1. Gun Outfit - Fantasy World
2. Merchandise - I Locked The Door
3. IceAge - Remember
4. Lois Magic - Sweetheart
5. For Every River Buried - As I Wake
6. Lake Forest - Songs About Leaving
7. Meat Curtains - Dream Pig
8. Sealings - Panadol
9. Twenty Six - Untitled
10. Lakes - Fences / Forces
11. Lync - Two Feet In Front
12. King Vitamin - Indian Summer

Duh, comments are welcome.


  1. you listen to some really great stuff. i appreciate all the free downloads. :)

  2. Great playlist, thank you! do you have some more things of king vitamin? I can't find the band on internet??

  3. King Vitamin is a band of like 17 year old kids from my town. I saw them play a few weeks ago, and was totally blown away. I can post the whole demo here if you'd like.